Ummmm…How about EVERYTHING!!

We must, we must, we must increase our bread intake!

Oh wait, no, that was just a dream. (a beautiful dream)

But you know what’s real? The truth that Carbohydrates are GOOD!

We NEED them! (yes, need)

They protect our muscles, give us energy, brain power, and so much more.

Plenty of research shows that ZERO Carb diets are dangerous.

But don’t rush to the bakery yet or pasta aisle yet…

We can (and should) get most of our Carbohydrates from PLANT sources.


Yep, plants.

Carbs aren’t just crackers, bread, pasta, and grains. Complex carbs like veggies, fruits, beans, lentils and peas are some of the easiest and healthiest sources to get our carbs from.

Too often we are getting our carbs from processed sugar and grains.

Our body absorbs these quickly (because, ummm…..delicious!)

But…(there’s always a but)

If our activity level doesn’t do anything to burn these carbs then our liver trys to helps us out by storing it.

Well, that sounds ok, right?

It is, unless we still haven’t got off our butts to burn these carbs. If we don’t use them up then our liver gets overloaded.

And you wouldn’t like your liver when he gets overloaded.

When that happens, you will see signs of diseases like diabetes, weight gain, fatty liver, and more.

Our body ABSOLUTELY NEEDS carbs…but it needs COMPLEX carbs.

Stuff that doesn’t absorb so fast. Something our body has time to use.

How many carbs??

That depends on your activity level and health of your organs.

The guy that runs 5k a day will need more carbs (and get more cheat days for fettuccine) than a Netflix binging couch potato.

In either case:
Both guys need carbs
Both guys need them from healthy sources.

Bottom line?

Carbs are NOT bad.


Not using up your carbs is what’s BAD.

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