Product Spotlight: Nettle Nurture

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March 10, 2018 OUCH!   Yes, Nettle is that thing you instantly regret grabbing while playing in the grass. Though your hand may not have enjoyed it. Your body loves it. Nettle can be used as antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-ulcer, astringent and analgesic. Throughout history the plant has been used as a diuretic, treating painful muscles [...]

Monitoring blood sugar is not just for Diabetics

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Monitoring Blood Sugar is not Just for Diabetics and It Could Save Your Life The Scoop: What's blood sugar all about? When we eat a big ol' meal, our blood sugar does it up big too. But for most of us, our bodies can bring that blood sugar level back to normal in a few [...]

There are only 7 steps between you and your New Year’s goals

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There are only 7 steps between you and your New Year's goals Learn how to use them now! It happens every year. The champagne, the fireworks, staying up past our bedtime. Happy New Year! In our maturity, we have moved past nursing hangovers. (some of us anyway) Instead, we wake up full of hope and [...]

Cellular Health

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Cell Perspectives is the ONLY Cell focused Supplement on the market... And it changes everything "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" - Dr. Wayne Dyer Science has progressed years ahead from what our grandparents were taught in school. In those days we were told everyone needs [...]

Carbs *uh* what are they good for?

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Ummmm…How about EVERYTHING!! We must, we must, we must increase our bread intake! Oh wait, no, that was just a dream. (a beautiful dream) But you know what’s real? The truth that Carbohydrates are GOOD! We NEED them! (yes, need) They protect our muscles, give us energy, brain power, and so much more. Plenty of research [...]

Do I Really Need to Detox?

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What is everyone detoxing from anyway? Hint: it has nothing to do with weight loss We don’t realize that millions of people right here in our own backyard suffer from unwanted bacteria, fungus, and even parasites! And you could be one of them. Your health can be compromised by these unwelcome visitors without you even knowing [...]

How To Detox Away The Holiday Junk

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With the holidays now here, your body is going to go into shock with all the food, drinks, treats and stress it will endure over the next few weeks. Sure, it might feel good to indulge in all those yummy holiday favorites, it won’t feel so great come January when your scale goes up and [...]

Don’t Let Gluten Holiday Favorites Get You Down

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Many look forward to stuffing their faces during the holidays, while others dread them since all the scrumptious desserts and foods tend to really upset their stomach. Missing out on such delectable treats can be depressing for those who can’t indulge in holiday favorites, which makes this time of year unbearable. But that doesn’t have [...]

9 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy All Day Long

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Feeling drained, worn out and just plain tired is an unfortunately common complaint for many people. Between long hours at work, stressful social lives and constant demands in between, it is no wonder that feeling fatigued is such a common issue. Fortunately, these natural strategies can help quickly boost your energy levels. […]

5 All-Natural Pain Relief Alternatives

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The United States has a pain problem. An estimated 100 million American suffer from chronic pain, according to figures from the American Academy of Pain Medicine. Unfortunately, many people simply treat the pain symptoms, rather than the underlying problem. This is one reason that prescriptions of opiate painkillers are at an all-time high, with 207 [...]

Why Eating After Exercise Will Actually Help You Lose Weight

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Contrary to popular opinion, eating after a workout can actually help you lose weight. Lauren Anonucci, Registered Dietitian, Board Certified Specialist in Sports and President of Nutrition Energy in NYC, explains that your muscles are particularly “receptive to restocking and restoring fluids and nutrients” during the half-hour immediately following your workout. She went on to [...]

More Bacteria? Why Bacteria Are Absolutely Necessary for a Healthy Gut

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We often hear about the need to wash our hands thoroughly to prevent the spread of bacteria. However, not all bacteria are created equal. Some bacteria, such as the kinds in your intestines, are actually beneficial to your health. Understanding the role of these bacteria and taking steps to promote healthy gut bacteria can result [...]