March 10, 2018



Yes, Nettle is that thing you instantly regret grabbing while playing in the grass.
Though your hand may not have enjoyed it. Your body loves it.

Nettle can be used as antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-ulcer, astringent and analgesic.

Throughout history the plant has been used as a diuretic, treating painful muscles and joints, eczema, arthritis, gout, and anemia.

The benefits are not new to us.
But who has time to grow, harvest (ouch) and make tea from Nettle?

Not I, says I.

That’s why we created Nettle Nurture. Now we can easily access the benefits without it being a pain in the hand.

Who should be meddling with some Nettle?

Got Osteoarthritis and Joint Pain?
Arthritis sufferers often experience joint pain, typically in the hands, knees, hips, and spine. Nettle works alongside you anti-inflammatory drugs to allow to use less avoid some of the prolonged side effects from long-term NSAID use.

Hay Fever?
Histamine production creates the adverse reactions related to allergies. Allergies cause uncomfortable congestion, sneezing, itching and more.
Stinging nettle’s anti-inflammatory qualities offer relief to allergy sufferers.

That dry, itchy rash that can last for a very long time, because of stinging nettle’s antihistamine and anti-inflammatory qualities, it can be a natural treatment for eczema

Urinary Tract Infection, kidney stones
As a diuretic, nettle tea helps to flush out bacteria and toxins during infection. The anti-inflammatory properties of nettle may help to soothe inflamed tissues. This helps neutralize the acidity which causes the symptoms of UTI like a burning sensation.

Early research has shown that stinging nettle may also be effective to:
• Promote lactation
• Stimulate hair growth
• Help control blood sugar in patients with diabetes
• Reduce bleeding connected to gingivitis
• Treat disorders of the kidneys and urinary tract
• Provide relief from water retention
• Prevent or treat diarrhea
• Decrease menstrual flow
• Provide asthma relief
• Heal wounds
• Treat hemorrhoids
• Stimulate contractions in pregnant women
• Treat insect bites
• Treat tendonitis
• Treat anemia
• Reducing blood pressure

This blend of Nettle Leaf and Nettle Root combined with our proprietary Cell Perspectives blend of enzymes and trace minerals, bring healthy nourishment to the cell’s energy and response to the environmental attacks on our body.