With the holidays now here, your body is going to go into shock with all the food, drinks, treats and stress it will endure over the next few weeks. Sure, it might feel good to indulge in all those yummy holiday favorites, it won’t feel so great come January when your scale goes up and your body is anything but healthy. Your body is going to need a good detox after the holidays are over to get rid of all the junk you put into it over the last couple of weeks.

Your first reaction might be to cut out any booze, sweets and junk right after the holidays to get back on track, but new research now shows going cold turkey might actually do more harm than good. Instead of feeling better, you might exhibit symptoms of anxiety or depression since researchers from the University of Montreal found that mice that were fed a high fat diet for six weeks were feeling anxious and depressed after suddenly switching to a healthier diet. It’s sort of like a drug addict having withdrawals and that can make you feel irritable and low.

To minimize the withdrawal effects while detoxifying your body after the holidays, it’s good to take it slow and map out a plan. Stay away from anything too drastic and gradually make tweaks and changes to your diet and lifestyle so that you don’t feel any annoying symptoms. Here are a few tips on how to detox away all that holiday junk you’ve been eating and drinking:


  1. Eat Balanced Meals

The key to weaning your body off of junk is by upgrading the quality of your meals. Eat balanced meals that contain healthy doses of protein, carbs and fat every three hours to keep your energy up and your blood sugar in check so that you don’t crash later on, which can lead to cravings.


  1. Drink Green Juices

Start of your day with a green juice. Despite what many may think, green juices can be delicious and addicting. You can create your own using simple recipes online or buy some pressed green juices at your local grocery store.


  1. Eat Alkaline-Forming Foods

By eating more alkaline-forming foods like kale, parsley, lemons and pears, you’ll helping balance out your body’s pH levels, as well as keep your blood sugar levels in check and reduce any inflammation.


  1. Stock Up On Healthy Items

The best way to make sure you eat balanced meals is to stock up your fridge with healthy items so that you don’t break down and snack on candy or anything else that’s unhealthy. This way you’re forced to grab an apple instead of chips.



For some added help when detoxing, opt for Cell Perspectives DETOX NURTURE.  As you’re trying to get back on track and clean out your system from unwanted microorganisms that can do you body harm, taking this supplement can nurture your body from the inside and safely cleanse it. Its blend of proprietary ingredients aims to help create an uninhabitable terrain in your digestive system for things like parasites, candida and other unwanted bacteria.

If you want to cleanse your body from all the holiday junk, it’s important to start in your digestive system and by making a plan, eating healthier food choices and taking DETOX NURTURE, your body can back to normal in no time!







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